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Dana's voice is natural, friendly, conversational, and clear...like the mom next door, or your best friend. Her 20 years of experience relating to millions of television viewers around the world, both on camera and through voiceovers, gives her a unique perspective on how to reach your target audience, no matter what the project is. She KNOWS your audience because she has met them, interviewed them, told their story, sold their products, made them laugh, and made them cry.

Whether it's a radio or television commercial, narration, documentary, children's audio book or game, or podcast that calls for an engaging and relatable read, or, a business, IVR/voicemail, or internet script that requires a combination of professionalism, believability, and clarity, Dana will work with you easily and eagerly to give you what you need.


Female • Union : AFTRA • Reading Age : 35-55


Conversational • Clear • Natural • Professional • Mom next door • Genuine • Relatable
Believable • Wholesome • Knowledgable


Bruce Kronenberg :: Marla Kirban Studios, New York

Wendy Dillon :: New York

Studio Capabilities

• Audio Technica AT4040 & Audio Technica AT2020 mics
• MacBook Pro
• M-Audio Firewire with Tube MP StudioV3 preamp
• On-call access to professional sound studio with PhonePatch, FTP, WAV, & Aiff
• Finished, fully-produced broadcast quality files with music and sound effects

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